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Who Is Zayn Malik Dating Now?

Who is Zayn Malik dating now? Gigi Hadid BandRumors.com

Heartthrobs like Zayn Malik have an easy time winning over the ladies. So who is Zayn Malik dating now? Believe it or not, he’s been with the same girl for quite a while. If you catch yourself asking, “Who is Zayn Malik dating now?” the answer is still Gigi Hadid. The former One Direction star hasn’t had any trouble winning ...

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No! Adele Threatens to Never Tour Again!

Adele Tour BandRumors.com

Say it ain’t so, Adele! Some of the singer’s best, most candid moments have come during her tours. However, those moments may be reaching their end. At a recent concert, Adele revealed that she may never tour again. Adele was performing in Auckland, New Zealand, last night when she shocked fans with more than her voice. She’s known for jabbering ...

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Watch: Iggy Azalea’s Booty Is Back in ‘Mo Bounce’

Iggy Azalea Mo Bounce BandRumors.com

If there’s one thing Iggy Azalea will always have going for her, it’s her booty. In her latest music video, “Mo Bounce,” she definitely shows off her assets. Not only that, but there are some other ladies joining her in “Mo Bounce,” so there’s definitely no shortage of twerking. They look like they are having the time of their lives ...

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Watch: Bobby Newberry’s Debut Single ‘Met You in Egypt’ Gets Steamy in the Desert

Bobby Newberry Met You In Egypt BandRumors.com

The whole world knows he can dance, but now Bobby Newberry is combining that talent with his awesome music as well. Bobby Newberry has worked as a choreographer for many of our favorite music groups. From the Pussycat Dolls to Lil Wayne and Missy Elliot, he has practiced many diverse styles and proven to be excellent at it all. In fact, ...

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Watch: Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal Give Goofiest Interview Ever

Ryan Reynolds Jake Gyllenhaal Life BandRumors.com

What do you expect when interviewing the actor who plays Deadpool? Crude jokes, of course! Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal recently did an interview for their new movie Life. However, it quickly became “a useless interview,” according to Reynolds. In the midst of a press junket, the two stars received a question about the use of one-shots in the movie. “I ...

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Lollapalooza Tickets Selling INSANELY Fast Thanks to Killer Lineup

Lollapalooza Chance the Rapper BandRumors.com

With a lineup this good, it’s no wonder Lollapalooza tickets sold out in three hours. The Chicago festival returns with a 4-day lineup that is, as usual, going to off the charts. Always one to show his Chicago spirit, Chance the Rapper is going to be one of the major headliners. He recently promised a $1 million donation to Chicago ...

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The Kanye West Space Box Was a Total Scam

Kanye West BandRumors.com

UPDATE: False alarm! That weird box that showed up at the MTV offices had nothing to do with Kanye West. For real, that’s not just his publicity team talking. Last week, a box with a bunch of clues in it seemed to suggest that West had a new album dropping this week. However, it turns out a bunch of artists ...

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Wyclef Jean Mistakenly Handcuffed in Los Angeles

Wyclef Jean BandRumors.com

It’s embarrassing when the police nab the wrong suspect. But that embarrassment grows exponentially larger when they accidentally nab a celebrity. Hip-hop musician Wyclef Jean got handcuffed this week by mistake, and he’s not taking that lightly. He posted a video of the whole fiasco on Twitter. Apparently, police mistook him for a suspect in a robbery. “L.A., right now, ...

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Watch: Chrissy Teigen Captures Baby Luna’s First Word!

Chrissy Teigen Luna BandRumors.com

When it comes to celebrity babies, we’re kind of obsessed with Chrissy Teigen and John Legend‘s little girl Luna. Ever since she was born 11 months ago, the new parents have been sharing her cutest moments. Now, she’s spoken her first word! Rather than the typical “Mama” or “Dada,” Luna opted for her favorite animal, “cat!” Watch the adorable video ...

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Rock and Roll Icon Chuck Berry Passes Away at 90

Chuck Berry BandRumors.com

If rock and roll had to be traced back to one person, it would be Chuck Berry. Sadly, Berry passed away this weekend at his Missouri home at the age of 90. The local police department confirmed the sad news on Facebook: St. Charles County police responded to a medical emergency on Buckner Road at approximately 12:40 p.m. today (Saturday, March ...

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