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Nicki Minaj Confirms Breakup from Meek Mill after Social Media Passive Aggressiveness

Nicki Minaj Meek Mill BandRumors.com

It’s a new year, which means it’s time for a new boyfriend for Nicki Minaj! The rapper just confirmed that she split with Meek Mill earlier this week. Rumors had been circulating since last month that Minaj, 34, and Mill, 29, when things started getting funky on social media. First, Meek Mill deleted his Instagram account, a tell-tale sign of ...

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Double Trouble! Are Amal & George Clooney Expecting Twins?

George Clooney Amal Pregnant BandRumors.com

One of Hollywood’s ultimate power couples, George Clooney and Amal Clooney, may have some more Clooneys on the way. Let’s face it–they’re too genetically gifted to not procreate. And if sources are true, the couple is in for double trouble. Rumors are circulating that Amal is expecting twins. The reports come from Lebanon’s paper the Daily Star, claiming that a family friend of ...

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Joe Jonas Gets Instagram Official with ‘Game of Thrones’ Babe Sophie Turner

Joe Jonas Sophie Turner BandRumors.com

The leading ladies of Game of Thrones are all stunning, so it’s no surprise that Joe Jonas had his heart stolen by one. Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark on the hit HBO series, has confirmed her relationship with the DNCE frontman via Instagram. Rumors first started that the two were dating back in November, when they were seen together at a ...

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Kanye West Visits Mom’s Grave with Kim Kardashian & Kids

Kanye West Mother Grave BandRumors.com

No one can quite predict what caused Kanye West‘s now infamous 2016 meltdown, but a cousin of his speculated that his decline all started with the death of his mother. Now, things have come full circle for the rapper as he took his wife Kim Kardashian and their two children to visit his mother’s grave. Kanye West’s mother Donda passed ...

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Taylor Swift’s Ex Conor Kennedy Arrested for Bar Fight

Conor Kennedy Taylor Swift Arrest BandRumors.com

It seems like Taylor Swift is all about the good guys, but perhaps she’s actually into boys with a dark side! Swift’s ex Conor Kennedy was just arrested in Aspen after getting into a bar fight. As lame as a bar fight sounds, after hearing the full story, Conor Kennedy’s position seems a little more understandable. Cops were called to ...

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President Kanye West Is NOT Going to Happen

Kanye West President Donald Trump BandRumors.com

At this point, can we possibly believe anything Kanye West says? We don’t blame him for going through a lot (we’d probably have some issues, too, if we were married to Kim Kardashian), but at least he used to seem like a man of his word. However, he just backed out on running for president in 2024, and everybody is ...

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Wham! Singer George Michael Dead at 53

George Michael BandRumors.com Wham!

Pop musician George Michael, formerly part of the famous 1980s duo Wham!, passed away on December 25 at the age of 53. His manager confirmed that he died of heart failure. In a tragic Christmas Day discovery, Michael’s partner Fadi Fawaz found Michael dead in bed that morning. “We were supposed to be going for Christmas lunch. I went round ...

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Camila Cabello Ditches Fifth Harmony, Twitter Fight Erupts

Fifth Harmony BandRumors.com

This week has not been kind to Fifth Harmony. First, Lauren Jauregui winds up missing a show thanks to getting busted for drugs at the airport; now Camila Cabello has ditched the group all together. Fifth Harmony’s Twitter account gave the news with basically no foreshadowing. pic.twitter.com/YlWylsw5uE — Fifth Harmony (@FifthHarmony) December 19, 2016 According to Cabello, she had no ...

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Kanye West Pays Family Member $250K to Stop Release of Sex Tape

Kanye West Sex Tape BandRumors.com

If Kanye West is going to continue being surrounded by drama, at least he can afford to pay to have some of his problems go away. Unfortunately the source of his latest problems happens to be family members. His cousin Lawrence Franklin decided now would be an opportune time to ride Kanye’s coattails speak up about what may have caused ...

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Zsa Zsa Gabor Passes Away at 99, Legacy of Glamour, Glitz & Gossip

Zsa Zsa Gabor Dead BandRumors.com

The iconic actress and socialite Zsa Zsa Gabor has passed away at the age of 99, leaving behind a legacy of luxury, gossip and undeniable style. Her publicist confirmed that the cause of death was heart failure. Zsa Zsa Gabor was the epitome of old-school Hollywood glamour, and she kept it alive long after other actresses abandoned their furs and ...

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