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Kanye West & Jay Z Make Amends at Blue Ivy’s Birthday Party?

Kanye West Jay Z Blue Ivy BandRumors.com

Maybe Kanye West and Kim Kardashian thought if they tried to make nice with Beyonce and Jay Z at a little kid’s birthday party, no screaming matches would ensue. Whatever their logic, the couple decided that showing up at Jay Z and Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy’s birthday party was a good idea. The couples have been feuding for quite a ...

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Kanye West Visits Mom’s Grave with Kim Kardashian & Kids

Kanye West Mother Grave BandRumors.com

No one can quite predict what caused Kanye West‘s now infamous 2016 meltdown, but a cousin of his speculated that his decline all started with the death of his mother. Now, things have come full circle for the rapper as he took his wife Kim Kardashian and their two children to visit his mother’s grave. Kanye West’s mother Donda passed ...

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President Kanye West Is NOT Going to Happen

Kanye West President Donald Trump BandRumors.com

At this point, can we possibly believe anything Kanye West says? We don’t blame him for going through a lot (we’d probably have some issues, too, if we were married to Kim Kardashian), but at least he used to seem like a man of his word. However, he just backed out on running for president in 2024, and everybody is ...

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Kanye West Pays Family Member $250K to Stop Release of Sex Tape

Kanye West Sex Tape BandRumors.com

If Kanye West is going to continue being surrounded by drama, at least he can afford to pay to have some of his problems go away. Unfortunately the source of his latest problems happens to be family members. His cousin Lawrence Franklin decided now would be an opportune time to ride Kanye’s coattails speak up about what may have caused ...

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UPDATE: Kanye West Released from Hospital Over a Week After Breakdown

Kanye West Released from Hospital BandRumors.com

UPDATE: Kanye West has officially been released from the UCLA Medical Center after being kept there for treatment for over a week. He was initially supposed to stay just three days, but required ongoing care. TMZ reported that Kanye left the hospital under the care of his wife Kim Kardashian and his doctor, Michael Farzam. Farzam was the one who ...

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UPDATE: Kanye West Still Hospitalized, Recovering Quickly

Kanye West BandRumors.com

UPDATE: Kanye West is still hospitalized after being taken in for a psychotic episode, but his wife Kim Kardashian is standing by her husband. “Kim is by his side now and will stand there till everything gets better,” a source told E! News. “Their time together was just about support. Kanye will be ok. He has a good set of ...

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Kanye West Hospitalized for Psychosis, Handcuffed to Gurney

Kanye West Hospitalized BandRumors.com

Turns out Kanye West‘s ego isn’t necessarily responsible for his untimely storm off stage earlier this week. The rapper has just been hospitalized at UCLA Medical Center, where he is being treated for exhaustion. Kris Jenner, Kanye West’s mother-in-law, said, “He’s exhausted. He’s just really tired. He’s had a grueling tour and it’s been a grind, so he just needs ...

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Kanye West Dead at 39, Murdered by His Own Ego

Kanye West Kim Kardashian Dead BandRumors.com

The most insane rapper of all time has been killed at just 39 years old. Kanye West was performing at a show in San Jose, California, when his ego rose up out of his body and held him hostage on his floating stage of superiority. Fans watched in horror as Kanye’s ego, personified as the devil himself, made Kanye West ...

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Kanye West Goes Above & Beyond to Make Up for Canceled Show

Kanye West Forum BandRumors.com

Let it be known that Kanye West makes amends for his mistakes. Well, more often than not, he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong, but in this situation he’s owning up. Earlier this month, Kanye was performing at the Forum in Los Angeles when he just couldn’t go on anymore. As he was finishing up the song “Only One,” he ...

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Kanye West Responsible for Drake’s Kid Cudi Burn?

Kanye West Drake Kid Cudi BandRumors.com

The beef between Kanye West and Kid Cudi is far from over. ¬†Okay, so Kid Cudi’s feud was initially with Drake, but he got Kanye West involved when he called him out on Twitter about being washed up. Kanye responded on stage at his Life of Pablo tour, but he didn’t end there. Drake released a song called “Two Birds, ...

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