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Dramarama! Kanye West Feuds with Jay Z, Beyonce Pities Kim Kardashian

Jay Z Kanye West Beyonce BandRumors.com

There’s trouble in Kanye West‘s world–when isn’t there?–but this time it’s all about the friendships. The rapper has reportedly been feuding with his pal Jay Z, and now Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are getting drawn into the drama as well. It all started when Kanye West called out Jay Z for not showing up in person after Kim Kardashian was ...

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Kanye West Blames Apple & Tidal for Screwing Up His Music

Kanye West Drake Jay Z Tidal Apple BandRumors.com

A while back, Drake came out with a new song called “Pop Style,” which had a few lines from Kanye West and Jay Z (also known as the Throne). However, when it was officially released, Kanye and Jay Z’s verses were nowhere to be found. What happened?   Kanye West came clean about the whole situation at his latest stop ...

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Jay Z, Kanye West & Frank Ocean Victorious in Copyright Lawsuit

Kanye West Jay Z Lawsuit BandRumors.com

There are loads and loads of copyright lawsuits going on in the music industry all the time, but not all of them have the same outcome. The latest one to make the news is a suit against Jay Z, Kanye West and Frank Ocean; however, it looks like this chapter is closing. In 2014, a musician named Joel McDonald, who ...

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Kim Kardashian Was Robbed & the Internet Doesn’t Know What to Think

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Robbery BandRumors.com

It’s not unlike Kanye West to do whatever the heck he wants, but he hasn’t had much of a history of storming off stage in the middle of a show. However, he did just that during his performance in New York citing a family emergency–in fact, his wife Kim Kardashian had been robbed at gunpoint. The whole situation is shaping ...

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Kanye West Can’t Shut Up About Taylor Swift, Even in Nashville

Kanye West Taylor Swift Nashville BandRumors.com

Is anybody else getting pretty sick of Kanye West‘s jabs at Taylor Swift? You’d think after seven years he’d have learned to let things go, already. Not that we particularly like Swift either, but the whole situation of them continuously sniping about each other is getting tedious. Needless to say, West still can’t let go of the drama. In his ...

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Kanye West Joined Instagram & His First Photo is BS

Kanye West Instagram BandRumors.com

How is it that Kanye West is barely on Instagram for a day and he’s already gotten (at the time of this writing) 940,000 followers? Meanwhile, we can hashtag “#CatsOfInstagram” all day long and still only get a few likes. Is West deserving of getting all those followers? People who like him (hint: not us) consider him to be massively ...

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Kanye West is a Jerk to Kid Cudi–But He Totally Deserves It

Kanye West Kid Cudi BandRumors.com

Ohhhh boy. Normally if there’s an argument between Kanye West and someone else, we’d assume Kanye was the one to start it. But in this situation Kid Cudi was the one throwing shade, so we guess it’s not too horrible for Kanye to stand his ground in defense. As so many good celebrity arguments do, this one started up on Twitter. Kid Cudi ...

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Lady Gaga New Favorite for Super Bowl Halftime Show–Will Kanye West Pass Her Up?

Lady Gaga Super Bowl Kanye West BandRumors.com

Kanye West‘s fans better pick up the pace on that petition to get the rapper to play at the Super Bowl next year because Lady Gaga is gaining steam as the favorite to perform. Some sources have told Billboard that the fashionable pop star is circling around the performance of the lifetime. However, Lady Gaga has already performed once at the ...

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Kanye West’s Newest Fashion Show Was a Big WTF

Kanye West Yeezy Season 4 BandRumors.com

This one was weird, even by Kanye West‘s standards. In his newest fashion show for his clothing line Yeezy, fans were left totally bewildered but what was going on with the fainting models and weird whale sounds, not to mention the hours of absolutely nothing happening. The Yeezy Season 4 runway show started livestreaming just after 3:00 in the afternoon ET ...

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Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Sculpture for Sale? Taylor Swift Will Probably Buy It & Burn It

Kanye West Famous For Sale BandRumors.com

Ever since Kanye West premiered his video for “Famous,” we’ve been wondering how the heck he created all those naked celebrities. Were they digital? Lookalikes? Some sort of sculpture? Turns out it was a giant sculpture, and it’s now up for grabs for the measly price tag of $4 million. For those of you who missed the video or chose ...

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