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Jay Z’s ‘Moonlight’ Video Goes Deep into Race Politics

Jay Z Moonlight Friends BandRumors.com

Even though Jay Z is an incredible rapper, he knows when to let others take the spotlight. Last week, he released a music video for the song “Moonlight” off his new album 4:44. The video looks oddly familiar at first glance–and it’s supposed to. Jay Z recreated scenes from Friends with an all-black cast. Interestingly enough, this video is shedding light on ...

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Chris Pratt & Anna Faris Announce Separation after 8-Year Marriage

Chris Pratt Anna Faris BandRumors.com

Say it ain’t so! One of our favorite Hollywood couples is calling it quits. Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced that they are now filing for separation. The two were married in 2009 after meeting on the set of Take Me Home Tonight. Three years later, they had a son together named Jack. The pair’s recent announcement states that Jack was ...

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Lana Del Rey Lands #1 Billboard Spot with ‘Lust for Life’

Lana Del Rey Lust for Life BandRumors.com

Even though the Billboard 200 started counting streams in tallying their top hits, it still remains an impressive feat to hit No. 1. Sure, you may not have physically sold as many albums. But now you’re competing against literally everyone else who puts music online. That’s why we’re celebrating Lana Del Rey‘s newest album, which debuted in the top position. ...

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Kanye West Files $10M Lawsuit Against Tour Insurers

Kanye West Tour Lawsuit BandRumors.com

Canceling a tour is tricky business. Fans wind up disappointed, workers wind up without jobs…all in all, it’s a mess that’s best avoided. Kanye West canceled his tour last November, and months later, things are getting sticky. As followers of entertainment news are well aware, Kanye West suffered a mental breakdown late last year. After some weird behavior at several ...

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Watch: Mariah Carey Shares the Stage with Adorable Daughter Monroe

Mariah Carey Monroe BandRumors.com

Awww. This is pretty darn cute. Mariah Carey doesn’t usually let anyone upstage her. But when it comes to family, it’s a different story. Mariah Carey was performing at the Hollywood Bowl earlier this week when her daughter Monroe made a special guest appearance. Monroe is just 6 years old so naturally it was adorable. Carey pulled her Monroe and ...

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Dr. Luke Subpoenas Lady Gaga in Case Against Kesha

Dr. Luke Lady Gaga Kesha BandRumors.com

Enough is enough, already! Dr. Luke and Kesha have been legally duking it out for a long time now. But Dr. Luke isn’t through with his battle. Now, he wants to drag Lady Gaga into the melee. Apparently, he wants to get her to go through a three-hour deposition. The subject of the interrogation would be a text message conversation ...

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Kesha’s Back with Emotional Video ‘Learn to Let Go’

Kesha Learn to Let Go BandRumors.com

It’s been a long, long road for Kesha. She burst onto the scene back in 2010 when “Tik Tok” hit the radio. She enjoyed a couple years of success, but suddenly found herself fading out of the spotlight thanks to some conflict with her producer Dr. Luke. And by “conflict” we mean extremely messed up garbage that she shouldn’t have had ...

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Poor Ticket Sales Contributed to Justin Bieber’s Tour Cancellation

Justin Bieber World Tour BandRumors.com

Yet another potential reason for Justin Bieber‘s tour cancellation has surfaced. Previously, people thought it was due to the pop star needing a break. Then, they guessed that his involvement with the church might have something to do with it. Now, it’s looking like there might have actually been financial reasons behind it. Despite Justin Bieber’s die-hard fans being incredibly ...

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Justin Bieber Bails on World Tour–But Why?

Justin Bieber World Tour Canceled BandRumors.com

Too bad, Beliebers! Justin Bieber has canceled his Purpose tour. To be frank, we’re never really all that sad to get less of Justin Bieber in our lives. Still, in this situation, we can’t help but feel a bit sorry for his fans–and the tour crew–in this situation. So here’s what happened. At first Bieber canceled his tour due to exhaustion. ...

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Linkin Park Shares Touching Message, Suicide Prevention Aid

Linkin Park Chester Bennington BandRumors.com

After the tragic death of Chester Bennington, Linkin Park is trying to find some light in the darkness. The band ended up canceling their upcoming tour and is instead finding ways to help others who may be suffering the way Bennington was. They’ve set up a tribute page along with suicide prevention resources, which you can see here. Linkin Park ...

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