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Kanye West Can’t Shut Up About Taylor Swift, Even in Nashville

Kanye West Taylor Swift Nashville BandRumors.com

Is anybody else getting pretty sick of Kanye West‘s jabs at Taylor Swift? You’d think after seven years he’d have learned to let things go, already. Not that we particularly like Swift either, but the whole situation of them continuously sniping about each other is getting tedious. Needless to say, West still can’t let go of the drama. In his ...

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Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo Welcome Baby Girl, Gwen Stefani Sends the Love

Behati Prinsloo Adam Levine Baby BandRumors.com

Congratulations to Adam Levine and wife Behati Prinsloo! The couple have just welcomed their first child, daughter Dusty Rose Levine. The gorgeous couple was married in 2014, and Levine knew right away he wanted to have kids. In fact, he knew he wanted a lot of them. “I want to have 100 kids,” he exclaimed. “I want to have more ...

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Kim Kardashian Says She Has ‘No Shade’ for Taylor Swift – Yeah, Right!

Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift Shade BandRumors.com

In what is quite possibly the biggest lie of the century, Kim Kardashian has claimed she has no bad feelings about Taylor Swift. After publicly embarrassing Swift by revealing the pop star’s conversation with Kanye West about the song “Famous” over Snapchat, Kardashian apparently thinks she didn’t do anything wrong. “I never publicly talk bad about people,” she said in ...

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The Game Reveals Which 3 Kardashians He Slept With, Makes Everyone Want to Puke

The Game Kardashians BandRumors.com

“Keeping it in the family” has taken on a whole new meaning thanks to rapper The Game. In a recently released song, he stated that he “f***ed three Kardashians,” and he apparently wasn’t exaggerating. The Game dropped the song “Sauce,” which he worked on with DJ Khaled, just over a month ago, and the lyric above caught everyone’s attention. Surely, ...

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Jennifer Aniston Memes Are the Best Part of Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s Divorce

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston BandRumors.com

The attention may be all on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie thanks to their divorce announcement, but there’s one person everyone’s minds keep turning to: Jennifer Aniston. First, let’s get to the details. Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from husband of two years, partner of 12 years Brad Pitt. Speculation as to why is all over the map right ...

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Justin Bieber Dumps a Girlfriend No One Knew He Had

Justin Bieber Sofia Richie BandRumors.com

It’s just another day in the life of Justin Bieber. The Biebs has a different girlfriend every single day, so we can’t even keep track of which one he’s currently “with,” but apparently the latest one has just been kicked to the curb. Sofia Richie, Lionel Richie’s daughter, has called it quits with the pop star. The two were last spotted ...

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Kanye West Joined Instagram & His First Photo is BS

Kanye West Instagram BandRumors.com

How is it that Kanye West is barely on Instagram for a day and he’s already gotten (at the time of this writing) 940,000 followers? Meanwhile, we can hashtag “#CatsOfInstagram” all day long and still only get a few likes. Is West deserving of getting all those followers? People who like him (hint: not us) consider him to be massively ...

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Miley Cyrus Will Never Walk a Red Carpet Again & Her Reasoning is Hilarious

Miley Cyrus Red Carpet BandRumors.com

Are red carpet walks a massive waste of time? According to Miley Cyrus, there are much better things she could be doing with her time besides strutting her stuff for photographers. “I had to do the [A Very Murray Christmas] premiere, and I will never do a red carpet again,” Cyrus stated in an interview with ELLE magazine. “Why, when people are ...

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Kanye West is a Jerk to Kid Cudi–But He Totally Deserves It

Kanye West Kid Cudi BandRumors.com

Ohhhh boy. Normally if there’s an argument between Kanye West and someone else, we’d assume Kanye was the one to start it. But in this situation Kid Cudi was the one throwing shade, so we guess it’s not too horrible for Kanye to stand his ground in defense. As so many good celebrity arguments do, this one started up on Twitter. Kid Cudi ...

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Selena Gomez Cuts Justin Bieber Out of Her Life for GOOD

Selena Gomez Justin Bieber BandRumors.com

For Selena Gomez, being around Justin Bieber flat out isn’t healthy. Actually, we’re guessing for most people it’s not healthy to be around Bieber, but that’s another story. Gomez has been taking time off to deal with anxiety and depression she’s been feeling due to her battle with lupus, and apparently cutting Bieber out of the mix was a necessity to deal with ...

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