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Rumer Willis Spoofs Ariana Grande’s “Problem” With “SPF” Video

Rumer Wills, daughter of movie stars Bruce Willis and Demi Moore appears in a hilarious spoof of Ariana Grande’s Billboard #2 hit “Problem“, featuring Iggy Azalea, with “SPF,” a song dedicated to the virtues of sunscreen.

Rub it On!

Rub it On!

The Willis daughters may have landed on your radar earlier in the summer when sister Scout Willis paraded around Manhattan topless to protest Instagram’s prudish nudity policy.

Rumer Willis, for her part, has a slew of movie and TV acting credits including The House Bunny and Hawaii Five-O.

“SPF” was produced by director/write Jake Wilson. For more on the cast and crew visit IMBD or visit TheBatteryCo.com, Wilson’s production company site.



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  1. I’m not sure what I like better…SPF or Problem. SPF has some hot guys in this video…

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