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Tyga Hauled off to Police Station – False Alarm!

Tyga Arrested BandRumors.com

Uh-oh. Hasn’t Tyga ever heard of Uber? Or did he just not care about getting a DUI? The 27-year-old rapper left a club in Hollywood the other night, but didn’t make it far. He was driving his Mercedes after leaving Avenue Nightclub when he ran a stop sign. Not only that, but he didn’t have any license plates on his ...

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Wyclef Jean Mistakenly Handcuffed in Los Angeles

Wyclef Jean BandRumors.com

It’s embarrassing when the police nab the wrong suspect. But that embarrassment grows exponentially larger when they accidentally nab a celebrity. Hip-hop musician Wyclef Jean got handcuffed this week by mistake, and he’s not taking that lightly. He posted a video of the whole fiasco on Twitter. Apparently, police mistook him for a suspect in a robbery. “L.A., right now, ...

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Kim Kardashian Victim of Prank SWAT Team Call?

Kim Kardashian Prank BandRumors.com

It seems Kanye West and Kim Kardashian can’t get a moment of peace. Even when nothing actually happens, there are fake stories about what’s going on in their lives. Most recently, the couple were supposedly a victim of “swatting,” a prank in which someone calls the police to a location that doesn’t actually need help. The Southern California Monitoring Association ...

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