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Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Sculpture for Sale? Taylor Swift Will Probably Buy It & Burn It

Kanye West Famous For Sale BandRumors.com

Ever since Kanye West premiered his video for “Famous,” we’ve been wondering how the heck he created all those naked celebrities. Were they digital? Lookalikes? Some sort of sculpture? Turns out it was a giant sculpture, and it’s now up for grabs for the measly price tag of $4 million. For those of you who missed the video or chose ...

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Liar, Liar? Texts Show Chris Brown’s Accuser Made Up Gun Story: ‘I’m Going to Set His A** Up’

Chris Brown Baylee Curran BandRumors.com

UPDATE: Baylee Curran, the woman that accused Chris Brown of holding a gun to her head, may have been lying about the whole situation. Some text message evidence as well as statements by Curran’s friends all throw the former beauty queen under the bus. A “friend” of Curran’s named Christian Bonilla (we’re putting “friend” in quotes because we’re not sure ...

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WTF? Chris Brown Released on Bail After Holding Gun to Woman’s Head

Chris Brown Gun BandRumors.com

Can Chris Brown just go away for a while, please? And by “go away,” we mean “get locked up in jail for continuously breaking the law.” The¬†singer has just been accused of threatening a woman with a gun from inside his home. He refused to cooperate with police. Now somehow, he’s already out of lock-up on bail. Here’s what went ...

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Kanye West’s New Music Video Has Naked Taylor Swift, Donald Trump In Bed Together

Kanye West BandRumors.com

It seems artists these days like to test the limits on how far they can go before somebody takes legal action, but Kanye West is literally asking for a lawsuit. Yes, literally. West’s music video for the song “Famous” is scheduled to make its broadcast debut tonight, but some lucky people who got tickets to the L.A. Forum on Friday ...

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