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Watch: Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal Give Goofiest Interview Ever

Ryan Reynolds Jake Gyllenhaal Life BandRumors.com

What do you expect when interviewing the actor who plays Deadpool? Crude jokes, of course! Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal recently did an interview for their new movie Life. However, it quickly became “a useless interview,” according to Reynolds. In the midst of a press junket, the two stars received a question about the use of one-shots in the movie. “I ...

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Watch: Emma Stone Reacts to Ryan Reynolds & Andrew Garfield Golden Globe Kiss

Emma Stone Andrew Garfield Ryan Reynolds Kiss BandRumors.com

It’s great for couples to try to stay on good terms after a breakup, but it’s always hard to see them kiss someone new. Unless you’re Emma Stone, and you’re catching Andrew Garfield laying a big one on Ryan Reynolds. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were both awarded Golden Globe wins for their performances in La La Land. However, Ryan Gosling ...

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Ryan Reynolds Owes Blake Lively a BIG Apology for Something He Said on ‘Conan’

Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively Conan BandRumors.com

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds may have the most gorgeous family ever, but they still have their ups and downs! Most recently, Reynolds got in trouble with the wifey for revealing the gender of their brand new baby on television. While appearing on Conan the other night, the Deadpool actor said, “Two under two is tough! Lot of estrogen. It feels like an ...

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Taylor Swift Hosts Nauseating 4th of July Party & Ryan Reynolds Feels Our Pain

Taylor Swift BandRumors.com

The Fourth of July has come and gone, and in its wake it left a whole lot of photos from Taylor Swift‘s annual Independence Day bash. The festivities took place at Swift’s megamansion in Rhode Island. Most of them are nauseating and include Swift’s new beau, Tom Hiddleston. Speculation has been flying that this couple is nothing more than a ...

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