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Mel B Claims Ex Beat Her, Forced Her into Threesomes amidst Divorce Drama

Mel B Divorce BandRumors.com

Divorces are never fun, but former Spice Girl Mel B is dealing with a particularly nasty one. After 10 years together, Mel B and Stephen Belafonte are splitting–and he’s got a lot of explaining to do. The singer submitted a 56 page legal document to the Los Angeles Superior Court. In it, she explains that Belafonte was horrifically abusive, both ...

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Can Spice Girls Reunion Happen? Sporty Joins Posh In Dropping Out Of Tour

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Fans hoping to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Wannabe” by attending the Spice Girls reunion concert may have to find other ways to get their ’90s fix. In August 2015, four of the five Spice Girls announced their intent to plan a reunion tour, which was expected to net each girl over ten million pounds. Victoria Beckham, otherwise known as ...

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90s-Era Boy Band Reunions You Need To Know About!

O-Town Boy Bands BandRumors.com

If we’re honest with ourselves, everyone who was alive and conscious in the 1990s knew at least one boy band song. Not only did we recognize the songs, but we knew all the lyrics as well. Alas, the dawn of the new millennium marked a sharp decline in the amount of muscly young men serenading the public with songs about playing games ...

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