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The 20 Most Beautiful Women In Pop Music

Today’s bold and fearless women have redefined what it is to be beautiful. Here’s our list of the most beautiful women in Pop Music music. If you think we should add to the list leave a comment.

#21 Charli XCX


Best Known Hit Single: “Boom Clap”

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  1. Alexssa Marie Largosa Tagalog

    where’s shakira? i believe she should be at no. 1. this is so bias.

  2. Funny, Who wrote this crap, if that’s how you see woman that’s total babble. Not all of those woman are beautiful lets get that straight, i do not know how the author of this story measures beauty but this whole story needs re modelling, just like some of the stars on this countdown. Katy Perry are you serious she’s a dog. Who is paying you to put her at number 1, omg so funny.

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